5 Budget-Friendly & Romantic Date Ideas

Feb 14, 2021
12:55 A.M.
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A date here and there may turn up the heat in your relationship, but they can end up burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t let the piggy bank stop you from doing something meaningful with your romantic interest.


There’s more month left than money and your purse is begging you to stay home . You still want to be able to go on a special date with a special someone.

A tight budget doesn’t have to stop you from doing something nice with your boo thang. Here is a list of 10 budget-friendly and romantic date ideas.

1. Go Hiking


If both of you are independently into that sort of thing, go for it! ONLY if you’re both about it because hiking can be a lot, okay.

Find a safe trail that’s easily accessible for the two of you, pack some refreshments like orange slices or snack bars and water, and head on up that trail. It will make for an exciting budget-friendly date

2. Volunteer Together


Sign up to serve at a soup kitchen, a book drive, an animal shelter, plant some trees, or take part in another local initiative to make a difference in your community. There’s always someone who could do with a helping hand.

It’s also a little bit cute and heart-warming to see your person interested in doing their bit. Maybe you turn this into a regular habit that you do together.

3. Take a Drive


Just drive. Hey. Hit the ol’ open road and see where that takes you. Don’t go off too far and end up in a back-road where no one goes.

You can even hit the road without a car and just take a romantic stroll. Let the sunrise/sunset provide the perfect backdrop for you two lovebirds.

4. Do a Puzzle


You might as well since you and your boo already fit together like one, am I right? It can be pleasant figuring a puzzle out for a date.

Show each other just how to complete each other for a perfect afternoon in. Okay, I’m going to stop now before I take the puzzle puns too far.

5. Play a Video Game


Video games are incredibly fun with your honey-bunch. Fun fact: they’re also great for your sex life, which is an added bonus!

Some fun 2-player games that may be ideal for a romantic pair include Fall Guys, where you can play against one another, or you can play a co-op like Lego Stars Wars alternatively, for the more serious gamer couple, play Call of Duty. These can be serious fun for hours-on-end.