5 Easy Tips To Help You Flirt Via Text

Dating apps have fast become the safest way for singles to meet new people this year. Even those who prefer meeting people ‘the old-fashioned way’ have to step their text game up in light of the pandemic. 

It is 2020, and even without the coronavirus outbreak, they’d be no running away from using a dating app. Technology has evolved to find easier ways to connect with others, but it still proves challenging for some. 

Trying to forge a connection with someone via text is an art that takes practice for most people. Luckily we’ve put together an easy to follow guide on the sacred method of successfully flirting through text. 

Know When To Initiate

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Letting somebody know that you are thinking about them by sending them a text can work in your favor. Trying to build a romantic relationship while apart needs the extra effort, and it is encouraged. 

If you are still getting to know someone, it is essential to respect their boundaries before initiating anything. A flirty text can either make someone blush in the right way or make them red with embarrassment. 

“the first thing you should always be mindful of is consent.”

Says licensed relationship and sex therapist Eliza Boaquin
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If you feel comfortable enough, ask your potential fling how they feel about a racy text before you send one. Otherwise, send a text when you know they’re alone and pay attention to how they respond. 

If they respond with an equally flirty text, then you can keep exchanging flirty banter. In the case that they pull away, check in on them, and find out if the exchange made them uncomfortable in any way. 

Start With Some Witty Banter

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Playful conversation can go a long way at the beginning of a flirty text thread. It will make the other person feel comfortable with you knowing that they can engage in an endless lighthearted conversation with you. 

It is always a bonus if you add an inside joke to some of your banter, so they know you’ve been listening. Mention a show they’ve suggested or a song they said they like in one of your texts. 

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Remember, the key to successfully texting witty banter back and forth is to keep things short and sweet. Long paragraphs, over-explaining, or too many emojis and punctuation can read a bit childlike. 

You will work your way into more in-depth conversations at some point, so don’t stress. And always remember that humor is vital. A hilarious gif here and there keeps things fun during this stage. 

Send Them A Song Or A Picture

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You can play this one out differently depending on where you are in your relationship, but it works either way. When you send your crush a picture of something, it will let them know you are thinking of them. 

The same goes for if you send them a song, and they will end up personalizing the lyrics to see how you feel. These exchanges can range from family-friendly puppy pictures and sweet songs or racy selfies and seductive tunes.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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