5 Ways To Help Prevent Workout and Sports Injuries

Exercises injuries are pretty common among beginners. With simple things such as warming up and wearing the proper apparel, you can avoid them.

Did you know that nearly 80% of track and field athletes experience injuries like stress fracture and tendinitis, among other issues? Including simple methods in your fitness routine will keep you out of the list. 

Whether you’re a bougie gym or workout rookie, injuries can affect anyone. So, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor how your body is doing and ask for a fitness test before starting any exercise program. In the meantime, you can learn five methods to avoid injuries.

Start Small

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If you’re jumping back to your workout routine after a hiatus, you’ll notice that your body isn’t as flexible or doesn’t handle longer cardio workouts like you used to.

That said, skip the temptation to catch up from where you stopped. Unfortunately, you won’t handle the same intensity or weight as before, and you’re prone to develop an injury.


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If you think that warming up is a waste of time, it’s actually the opposite. Warming up the body before your workout will save you from an injury later on.

Warm-up prepares the whole body — from muscles to ligaments, to joints — for the upcoming exercise. A five-minute cardio warm-up is already enough.

And Don’t Forget to Stretch

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A cool-down is just as important as a warm-up when it comes to injury prevention. Cooling the body down after extenuating activity can be walking, static stretching, and myofascial release — the latter uses foam rolling or with a tennis ball

Wear Proper Equipment

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It might sound counter-intuitive, but wearing proper sports apparel during your exercise might help in injury prevention too. Get equipped with the clothing and footwear appropriate to that sport. We’ve written a guide on how to choose the best leggings for your fitness level. 

Listen To Your Body

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And last but not least, listen to your body. If you’re coming back from a fitness break or just beginning with your routine, stay away from sharp pains, cramps, or sudden tweaks.

When you feel any pain, back off and give your body a rest. Learning how to listen to your body’s cues will help to see how far you can go without harming yourself.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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