6 Healthy Ways To Deal With Rejection

Rejection. We have all faced some rejection at some point, be it from a job you wanted to a loved one. The feeling is akin to a punch in the gut. Rejection is not fun and can often lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

It is time to get over being addicted to rejection. If someone rejects you, you might find yourself reaching out, maybe in a manic way, in search of closure. However, this often ends with you not getting the answers you need.

It’s time to avoid disappointment and say goodbye to unhealthy methods. Gluing yourself to the phone in hopes that things could be different is an unhealthy coping mechanism. Consider adapting these tips to get over rejection healthily.

Don’t Blame Yourself

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Don’t blame yourself. The rejection may have been harsh, or some hurtful statements were uttered. You may currently feel knocked down a couple, encouraging negative thoughts about yourself. This behavior is categorized as blame statements.

Taking such statements to heart will end up affecting your self-esteem and your mood moving forward. Be kind to yourself by removing yourself from such a position. Most times, it’s usually about the other person not being the right match for you. 

Practice Some Self-Care

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Put the pillow aside if you think screaming into it will release your rage. The same applies to hitting a punching bag too. It will make things worse by bringing up your negative emotions and an unhealthy way to overcome rejection.

Instead, take some time to care for yourself by engaging in yoga, mediation, and exercise. Exercising will release endorphins which will boost your overall mood. If that isn’t up your alley, partake in other activities such as a spa day to feel better about yourself. 

Engage In Healthy Habits

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It’s time to put on your armor. While deciding how you would proceed with the way forward, you first need to be in your best state. This means avoiding those little things such as staying awake at night or undereating since it makes reasoning harder for you.

Take this time to engage in healthy habits. We know it sounds cliche, but trust us, it works. Staying hydrated, exercising, and eating a healthy diet will help you stay strong in the face of rejection. The healthier you are, the more sound your mind is to deal with difficult situations. 

Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Valued

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We are all human. It is usual for rejection to affect your need to belong. Therefore, this is the best time to reach out to your support crew and get showered in praises. Doing this will work wonders on your bruised ego.

Don’t be afraid to open up to your close friend, letting them know that you’ve been hurt and you need some compliments. We are pretty sure they will have hundreds for you. As a result, you will feel valued and appreciated.

Volunteer For A Cause You Care About

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Immerse yourself in a different situation. Instead of sitting at home wallowing in self-pity, take this time to look for a volunteer group to join in. It will increase your sense of belonging in a   community.

Besides, studies indicate doing volunteer work will increase depression, increase your satisfaction in life and boost your overall well-being. So why not get out of your head for a minute and work towards a bigger cause instead. After all, science proves it works wonders. 

Tell Yourself “Thank You, Next!”

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Ariana Grande’s song has a valid point. Instead of dwelling on the rejection, replaying several variations of it in your mind – pause. Take a breathe and find power in saying the word next.

Since this is a practice many salespeople do, it wouldn’t hurt taking a page from their book. After all, can you imagine how much rejection they go through in a single day? Learn to bounce back, empower yourself, and leave the past in the past.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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