Gentle Yet Effective Ways To Reject Someone Who Isn’t The One For You

Unless the person is a jerk, rejecting someone is never a fun task. There is nothing more uncomfortable and awkward than having to have this challenging chat with someone. 

Taking rejection is not easy for anyone, and some people may even take it personally. It is essential to approach rejecting someone with kindness to avoid hurt feelings and a possible confidence buster. 

Trying to find the right words to let someone know that you aren’t compatible can be challenging. Thus, we have found some tips to help you reject your next suitor in the best way possible. 

Offer A Compliment

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Approaching someone makes you quite vulnerable in a sense, especially when doing so in public. If someone you aren’t interested in approaches you, try to acknowledge and compliment their efforts. 

“Both sides feel respected when we validate the other person’s vulnerability,”

Says Registered psychotherapist, Cheryl M. Bradshaw

If the person becomes aggressive or unnecessarily persistent, you should change your stance. Try to be firm and immediately remove yourself from the situation before anything escalates. 

Don’t Say Sorry

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Women are used to apologizing about almost anything, which is unnecessary in most instances. If you are honest and polite in your communication, an apology does not have to follow your statement. 

Keeping this in mind may also help you feel and appear more confident in other situations in the future. It is okay to speak up and communicate what you do and do not want. 

Respect The Other Person

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No matter how disinterested you are in the person you’re rejecting; they are still human beings. Speak to the person respectfully and thank them for taking the time to go out with you or approach you. 

There is also no need to string someone along if you know you’re not interested in them. Rather be direct and kind to avoid even more disappointment. 

Be Clear On Why It Won’t Work Out

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Human beings will inevitably be disappointed when romantic feelings aren’t reciprocated. The blow is significantly unpleasant when people do not know the reasons for being rejected. 

Try to be clear on the reasons for your choice instead of leaving the other person in the dark. They will end up filling the blanks negatively when you could’ve explained that you have differing political views.

Express That You Value Your Friendship

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It can be daunting when someone you already care about confesses their feelings to you. You especially do not want to hurt your friends, which means you have to be careful with how you reject them. 

Let your friend know that you appreciate their courage and reassure them that you can still be friends. You should also allow them to take the time they need to heal from the rejection if they want it.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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