6 Tips To Make Your First Long Term Relationship Work

Hooray, you’ve secured your first long-term relationship. However, to maintain it requires work, similar to learning a new skill. Sometimes, it’s easy to be swept up into a fast-paced romance with your first love, losing yourself in the process. 

Of course, not everyone has the same journey, but it would be helpful to have advice. Every relationship has its challenges, and navigating through it will not be an easy process. For sure, you will get on each other’s nerves at some point. 

However, you can work things out. All you need is some guidance to assist your long-haul relationship. Help your relationship withstand the test of time using these six best tips for your first long-term relationship. 

Don’t Lose All Aspects Of Yourself

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Always keep in mind not to lose yourself. As infatuated as you may be, ensure space between you two. Especially when you find yourself canceling plans with friends or neglecting them when you do have a chance to hang out is cause for concern.

Your partner met you when you had a rich, juicy life, so don’t lose that. Keep your life upbeat, have other interests to maintain a healthy distance between you two. The last thing you would like is to lose your identity when things are called quits from doing everything together. 

Embrace Your Similarities And Differences

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You might have gotten together for your similarities, but remember, you both have differences at the same time. You will not always speak the same language, and it would be boring to view the world from someone with the same lens continuously. 

Your partner will have different opinions about things, and that’s okay. Welcoming the differences in perspectives, talents, and interests is also great for a relationship. Doing this will be helpful for both of you in the long run.

Get Out Of Your Head And Embrace The Moment

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For the worrywarts, kindly put your worries and fears aside. It’s really easy to lose yourself in your thoughts and worry if it will work out if that person likes you and overanalyzing everything. 

Therefore, first, breathe. Learn to be in the moment and embrace it. Put your feet up and learn to take in every second you and your partner together. Get out of your head, create unforgettable memories and learn more about yourself in the process.

Openly Communicate, And Share Your Fears

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You might reach a point where you feel your partner may not be listening to you, especially if you’re having a bad day. Perhaps you might even think that you’re partner is communicating in a way where they make everything about them.

Before you begin running to the hills, first learn to communicate. Let them know about your fears and even seek therapy if it will help you understand each other better. Besides, it’s essential to focus on one partner when they are having a bad day. 

Have A Great Laugh

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It’s no fun when you are both serious. Learn to live a little and enjoy a little laugh here and there with your partner. Life can take a toll on you, and thinking about responsibilities, adulting, and world crisis can be a bit depressing.

We are not saying to be a class clown but have a little humor. Humour is a requirement in every relationship, so you can even come up with tricks if you have to. The point is to have a good laugh together, thus creating more happy moments for you. 

Look To The Positives During The Negative Times

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Look to the positive things in your relationship. Of course, there will be issues where you feel you and your partner will have disagreements and sometimes over minor issues. Thus, before you make any rash decisions overcome by emotion, pause. 

Ask yourself if a negative outburst would be something you would regret or something you would wish you would have rewritten. Therefore, if you’re annoyed at your partner, take time to cool down, then decide on a sober mind.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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