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8 Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Bedroom


April 25, 2021

The honeymoon stage eventually ends. It is entirely normal, but you might notice that your sex life is on the back burner. This is especially true if you've been huddled up together during this quarantine period or have been going strong in a long-term relationship. 

Familiarity takes the joy out of excitement. Perhaps being between the sheets is starting to feel routine as you both might be executing the same positions or having sexy times during the same hours. This is a far cry from the steamy honeymoon stage.

When you have that little voice in your head that tells you that you need to switch things up, it's probably time to listen to it. Use this weekend to reignite the flames in your sex life by using these eight tips to spice up your bedroom life.

Send Flirtatious Texts 

It's time to confuse your partner by building up tension during the day. Ask them a flirty message, such as describing what you would like to happen when you both get home. Get into the details by being very specific, leaving nothing to the imagination. 

Also, you can go a step further by sending them a picture of the outfit you would like to wear when you both meet. However, if using standard messaging platforms make you uncomfortable, try other separate private apps such as Wickr Me for your hot conversations. 

Play Dress Up

If you're not used to dressing up to be intimate with your partner, maybe it's time to play dress-up. Whip out your sexiest lingerie to put both you and your partner in the mood. Choose a set that will make you feel most confident because confidence is sexy. 

Besides, you can take it up a notch by engaging in role-playing. If your partner is on board, engaging in role-playing is a great way to remain playful while communicating your interests. Get inspiration by using apps or Google to generate ideas for different scenarios. 

Try New Things

The reason why being intimate with your partner feels like a routine is because it probably is. It's easy to get used to being comfortable while falling into everyday life together. Therefore, try and break things up by changing up your schedules. 

This doesn't only apply to inside the bedroom but outside too. Shake up your everyday lives together by creating new and exciting experiences. Make an effort by trying out new activities such as cooking or walking to break the routine, leading to renewed intimacy. 

Share Your Desires

Staying vanilla is boring, so change things up by having honest conversations. Remember that passion fades, so what turned your partner on in the beginning might not presently, so think about spicing things up. 

You could be surprised that getting freaky in the shower than being intimate in the bedroom may be something your partner craves. Therefore, create a safe space to have this communication and get honest about what you both desire.

Take Time To Explore Each Other's Bodies

How well do you know your partner's body? We recommend finding out by spending twenty minutes having sensual foreplay. All you need is mood lighting and a sexy playlist to create the perfect setting for focusing on your partner's body.

Use things such as feathers, oil, silk, hands, and lips to explore. Furthermore, play around with pressure to determine the different reactions it has on your partner. Therefore, incorporate this new approach to intensify pleasure and create more enjoyable feelings.

Spend Time Apart

It's time to get a rich, juicy life. Over time, being cooped up in the same space might leave the two of you feeling a little sick of each other. Therefore, take some time apart from each other to make the moments you spend special. 

We aren't saying take a break. Doing simple things such as spending time in separate spaces in the house or running errands alone will create a world of difference. Thus, create some space to feel more interested in the time you do spend together. 

Stop Repeating Yourselves


Think back to how many positions you engage in with your partner. On average, many couples tend to use between three to four positions with the usual foreplay. This kills interest, and things can get boring fast.

Therefore, keep it fun with your partner by thinking of new ways to change things fast. For instance, use props such as chairs or mirrors or focus on oral alone. Besides, it would require effort from both parties, so try to avoid switching back into the usual routine. 

Take Turns Initiating

Reassess if you have been too passive in the relationship. If your partner has always been the one initiating sexy time between the two of you, it's no secret it can quickly begin to feel like a routine. Therefore, be confident and switch things up.

Surprise your partner with some cute lingerie one day, and maybe they could initiate sexting the following day. The point is effort is attractive, therefore seek clarity and figure out where you both can satisfy each other without feeling like you're overextending yourselves.