A Comprehensive Guide To The Basics Of Skin Care For Men

Jan 20, 2021
09:42 A.M.
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From cleansing to natural-looking makeup, here's a guide to the basics for getting healthy, and radiant skin for men and figuring out a skincare regimen to stick to.


The pursuit for radiant and healthy-looking skin goes across genders. It's becoming increasingly popular as male grooming has become more prominent over recent years. With some diligence and a considered skincare regimen, healthy-looking skin may be within reach.

It's also important to remember that all skin is beautiful and no body owes anyone "flawless" skin. With that, here's a guide to skincare basics for men.

Determine Your Skin Needs And Wants


This is the best starting point because you don’t necessarily care for oily, acne-prone skin how you would dry or particularly sensitive skin.

For the much-hyped, glowing skin look that we’re seeing everywhere lately, you want to use a product that contains vitamin C.

Cleansing and Moisturizing


Pivotal steps in any skincare regimen ensure that your skin is clean and appropriately moisturized (yes, that includes oily skin). These are just the very basics of promoting healthy skin.

Try products that target your needs. That means if you’re ingrown or acne-prone, you might want to try a wash with salicylic acid, which helps reduce breakouts. As a rule of thumb, you want to wash and moisturize your face twice a day.

Protect Your Skin

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash


Always apply SPF to your skin if you’re going to be exposed to the sun. That includes during the winter and even when you only plan to be out briefly.

Don’t let that sun catch you slipping. Even more so if you’ve opted for a moisturizer or serum that contains vitamin C or Retinol as they make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.



However, you choose to grow your facial hair - long, short, or not at all, the key is to keep clean with regular washing and maintenance.

“Shorter beards benefit more from beard balm for perfect styling, while longer and thicker beards may benefit more from beard oil to keep it well-conditioned.”

says New York-based celebrity groomer Barry White to Vogue.

Glowing Complexion


A healthy glowing complexion is the goal across any gender. In addition to establishing good cleansing and grooming habits, makeup can help you achieve that goal.

The great thing about makeup is that it gives you the freedom to play. So whether you want a neutral look that looks like you’re not wearing any makeup at all or something more creative, anything goes. But the best advice is to start slowly and learn the basics with a foundation and concealer.