A Comprehensive Guide To The Roaching Relationship Trend

Roaching is a toxic relationship trend. It consists of seducing someone in starting a relationship with that person while knowing full well that we already have other conquests. And of course, to refrain from saying it!

This trend is developing enormously with social networks and dating sites. It isn’t easy to know if one is the only person or the only person on the list. Social networks and dating make it easy for several people to succumb to not knowing which one to choose and keep them all!

This romantic relationship mode is deceptive for the person who believes himself to be the only one. Problematic in these conditions to build something durable, solid.

Why Roaching Can Be Painful

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This is suitable for people in an open relationship if both partners accept it. However, the cockroach technique can be harmful, even toxic, since one party is honest and the other isn’t.

And when the truth is out, the cheating partner then understands that the other has eyes only for them. Things then get complicated. Maybe the feelings are already there, or the other has fallen in love, sometimes even thinking to have met a soul mate. When in reality, everything is a lie from the start!

How To Avoid The Roaching Trend

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To get out of it, once unmasked, people who practice roaching often use the same techniques to turn the situation around: “Ah, but if you wanted us to be in an exclusive relationship, you had to say it!”, “I thought that you and I were just occasional, to have a good time together, without the fuss… “, “I’m polyamorous, I thought that suited you too!”.

The fact that many people are polyamorous today is no coverage because it is a lifestyle that relies on open and honest communication about what is going on, and that behavior goes directly against that.

Be Honest In Your Dealings

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If you want to have multiple dates with more than one person at the same time in an honest way, you have to communicate this to them to move forward in a healthy relationship for everyone.

To avoid being the victim of roaching during a new romantic encounter, it is, therefore, better to be clear from the start about your intentions, your current desires in your personal life, and your vision of a romantic relationship!

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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