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A Glimpse Into The Online Foot Fetish Community


April 28, 2021

The internet is a place full of weird and beautiful things. It's a space where people can do just about anything within the rules and terms.

A hashtag search like #myfeet will reveal what feels like an endless bag of foot pictures. Feet at the beach, feet in the grass, feet in sandals or in socks, just feet.

If you journey deep enough into this rabbit hole, what you might find is that there's a whole network of feet business with different stakeholders. We can separate these contributors to the Instagram foot fetish community into three primary categories:

 People Who Take Feet Pictures

Taking feet pictures is big business on Instagram, and some of the more popular accounts can make thousands of dollars sharing images of their feet.

A twenty-eight-year-old medical student revealed to "Mirror Online" how she makes around £5 000 (nearly $7 000) a month off her feet. The student who goes by the name 'Sweet Arches' says she gets up to a hundred requests a day to squish ants, raspberries, cakes, and a myriad of other things. Though she admittedly refuses anything that's living.

Running a page like this takes a lot of effort. Arches says she can spend around six to ten hours a day grooming her feet. She's just one of many who share custom images and videos of their feet to buyers through Instagram direct messages.

 People Who Buy Feet Pictures

This category of the foot fetish community is people who tend to have a thing for feet and are willing to pay for toes and soles.

According to an article from "The Outline," their accounts are often devoid of personal identifiers and mostly follow foot-related pages.


These accounts are the place where those who buy and those who take can find each other. Aggregators post a wide variety of non-original content from different sources.


Those who take pictures may reach out to these accounts to put their content out there for a wider audience, but aggregators might also seek out content. Some accounts will ask permission to use the content from the page of someone who takes photos or videos of their feet.

One might say the feet fetish community has found their foothold on Instagram. Its grown vastly over the years as people find more creative ways to share their toes.