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A Guide To Easing Persistent Skin Frustrations


March 24, 2021

All the cleansers and serums with their delightful fresh or natural fragrance can make skincare fun. However, when all the efforts don't translate, skincare can become frustrating.

Many of us have had the feeling of enjoying a skincare practice. Whether it's the soothing masks, hydrating eyes patches, or the jade rollers and skin brushes for you, there are elements of your regimen that you may find comfort in. However, you may find that there are times when your skincare starts to frustrate you rather than calm you, and you may even feel fixated.

This may be particularly true if you have acne-prone skin or any other skin concern at that. You may be following all the steps and using all the recommended products yet still finding it hard to manage your skin. You're not alone, and many of us know the feeling all too well.


So you've done everything to a T, from the treatments, the layering, and your technique. You even dropped a little bit more than a few dollars to get the much raved about product that promises all that is good and wonderful.

Much to your disappointment, day after day, you wake up with those acne scars and blackheads still ruining your face. However, unlike going to buy chocolate, eating it, and having your craving satisfied, your skin is a complex organ, and instant gratification may not be the most likely cause.

Your Frustration Is Normal

Even when your skin doesn't look the way you want it to right now, there is still room to love it for all that this organ does.  Clinical psychologist Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy suggests repeating a helpful EFT-style (Emotional Freedom Technique) statement like:

"Even though I am feeling angry, I choose to love and accept myself anyway."

Neo says to "Mind Body Green."

Knowing Your Triggers

Knowing what it is exactly that's causing you to fixate on your skin. Some of the reasons cited by "Harvard Health" maybe boredom, stress, depression, or the sight of your skin.

If you find that you can't get your hands off of your face and constantly have the urge to pick, poke and prod, try to make it more difficult for yourself. Hyaluronic patches can help you from fiddling with your pimples, but you may also consider keeping your hand occupied when you're most likely to feel like picking.

Be Kind To Your Skin

Whether you turn to over-exfoliation to "scrape away the ugly," or your compulsively monitoring every pimple and pore, the frustration that you have towards your precious skin may cause you to adopt some harmful practices.

Because of the hefty societal pressure on your mental health, it may be challenging to relinquish the disappointment you have with your skin. However, learn to be kind and even say good things to and about your skin, embracing all its extraordinary abilities to protect you from environmental pollutants, its' ability to retain water. Anything you may feel grateful for that your skin does.

Interrogating Beauty Standards

It is possibly easier said than done, but you may start to interrogate the warped beauty standard that vilifies some skin occurrences like acne.


This may help you start to relinquish the idea that your skin must look a certain way for you to be beautiful. Look at all the ways that you are beautiful, internally and externally.

Consider Seeing A Professional

Your frustration with your skin may also be coming from something deeper. "The New York Times" reported that studies that have shown a link between mental health and acne.

You may choose to seek out the help of a therapist or a dermatologist to help you with your skin and other underlying issues.