A Guide To Knowing If You Are His Rebound Girl

You are really into this guy, but you feel that something is not right. He kisses you and hugs you, but you don’t feel love. Are you the rebound girlfriend?

We’ve all been in relationships that broke our hearts and left us feeling that nothing is going to happen in our lives from now on. The good news is that it gets better. But immediately after the breakup, we enter a period of insecurity and sadness.

So what do people do? They jump into another relationship. I fully understand why. Who wants to feel heartbreak? Who wants to be alone? So instead, they quickly pick someone out of the crowd that they think is good for them.

Although You’re Together, A Piece Is Missing

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It is said that women aren’t intuitive, but that’s a lie. Everyone is intuitive. They have to pay attention to those feelings. If you feel something is missing, then something is missing. Don’t think twice; listen to this instinct.

You’re Going Too Fast

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He has already told you he loves you, he’s holding your hand, you’re moving in together, and you just met two weeks ago. You like it, so I get it, but isn’t that a little too fast? No? Even if it moves quickly, you have the feeling that it is not progressing at the same time.

You Both Have A Lot Of Sex

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This is probably the only advantage of being a rebound. You will have a lot of sex. They need to forget their partner. And they try to do it through sex. They want to feel connected. However, they are not emotionally capable.

They’re Angry When They Talk About Their Ex

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It is common to mention your ex in specific conversations. If you’re done with your ex, you should be able to talk about it without any resentment. However, if they get angry, well, they’re not done with their ex yet. Clearly.

Their Focus Is To Make Their Ex Jealous

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They take selfies with you or post-romantic status not because they actually feel that way but because they want to make their ex jealous. Sure, they follow them on Facebook; how else do they imply them?

They also know their exes see their posts, and what better way to make someone jealous than posting a picture of them kissing someone else.

Their Previous Relationship Had Just Ended

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If you ask them about their dating story, they said they were in a relationship and broke up, but then ask them when it happened. My guess is it’s cool enough, a couple of weeks or a month or two.

If they have just recently been single, that’s not enough time to process emotions and feelings. They have not taken the time to get through it.

They Seem So Lost

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Basically, they don’t know what they want or who they are. It is almost as if they were able to identify themselves as who they were. And now they seem to float with no fundamental understanding of themselves.

And they listen; they’re not trying to learn about themselves; that’s why they bounced. They don’t want to feel pain or grow. They just want to feel comfortable.

You Have Nothing In Common

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Aside from the copious amounts of sex you have, you have nothing in common. Also, don’t do things that involve deep conversations. Sex is great, and I highly recommend it, but if they got over their ex, they wouldn’t have a problem opening you up.

He Wants To Commit But Doesn’t

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He wants you to be with him, but he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with you or make it Social Media official. Even if you two spend a lot of time together, his need to commit is non-existent. This is because he doesn’t actually want to be with you.

You Feel Like He Chose You From A Lineup

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I know you probably thought it would be a good thing to be the first girl he dated after a breakup but not necessarily. In fact, it’s probably best if you were the second or third girl he dated after the split.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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