A Guide To Rebound Relationships

Here are some of the reasons why hitting the emotional airbags with a rebound relationship may be a worthwhile idea for someone coming out of a relationship.

Previously, rebounds have been slighted and perceived as “moving to fast,” and while it’s not a good idea to use people and dispose of them like last week’s newspaper, a healthy rebound relationship may be just the service you need while you’re checked into heartbreak hotel. 

 A 2014 study by researchers at Queens College and the University of Illinois found that those casual rebound relationships actually serve a crucial psychological purpose. Here’s how you can successfully navigate rebound relationships post-breakup.

Use Your Better Judgment

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While you may impulsively fall into a rebound relationship, don’t forget to use good judgment and take precautions against making desperate or detrimental choices in your selection. The common approach to rebounds tends to be a mission to find “the next best thing”.

And while Ariana Grande might have said “thank you. Next” one may end up trying to fill the position left by the former partner and get too deep into things. This may distort the reality that your rebound actually isn’t necessarily better and you’re not actually in love again. And that leads us swiftly into the next point.

Make A Clear Distinguishing That Your Rebound Is Not Like Your Ex

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This person is a unique and separate entity. Make sure not to impose on them the roles that your ex had undertaken or that they failed to meet. 

And while we all fall into relationship patterns (consciously or subconsciously), make and active attempt to break detrimental old habits that will hold you back from being the best you and forming healthy relationships.

Boost Your Confidence  

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The Queens College and University of Illinois study found that a rebound relationship can restore your self-confidence. A rebound can form a healthy distraction that can remind you that you’re still all that and then some. 

Of course, you still want to be cautious about getting caught up on the high and neglected the healing lesson. And on that note, next point!

Do The Healing Work Too

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You’re rebound may be less successful if you don’t actually take the time and effort to reflect on the past relationship. Every relationship offers valuable life lessons.  

Analyze your share of the responsibility in the failure of the relationship. If you got into a rebound too fast, there is a fair chance that you will make the same mistakes you made in the previous relationship.

Forget Your Ex

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Having yourself be preoccupied with something or someone else can help you to move on from your ex. Being freshly broken up, you may have considered calling or texting your old flame. It happens.

Remember, your ex and your rebound can’t be the same person! And while the day may come when you can be friends again, take a little time to learn to live without each other.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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