A Guide To Navigating Dating During The Second Wave Of The Pandemic

Dating during the first lockdown was not easy to navigate, but we made our way through. The world then gave us a little bit of leeway to explore outside, and now we’re back at square one. 

There is nothing worse than being given a piece of cake but having it taken away before you’re done. In this instance, the cake is our dating and sex lives, and this pesky second wave is the thief of all our joy. 

Although worse things are happening globally, it’s okay to grieve our social lives. However, no matter how bad things get, there are always solutions for our issues, so let’s look at them together. 

When Can We Meet Up?

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Texting is so 2020; all we want to do now is have real dates with people we like. There are so many factors that determine chemistry between two people, which requires some type of physical contact. 

Unfortunately, the second wave of this fast-spreading virus limits if not prohibits physical dates for some. It is all about taking into consideration the feelings and safety of those around you at this time as well. 

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“Normally decisions and communication around sex and dating are between you and the other person, but now you need to think about the comfort and safety of everyone around you,”

Says Dr. Jessica Wood

If you live alone, you can basically do whatever you feel comfortable with, but it’s best to be cautious. Opt for a socially distanced date outdoors if you think your potential person is worth the risk and stay safe. 

Dealing With Facetime Fizzle

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Dating over the phone and video calls can be exciting and hot until it, well…is not. Many people who dated during the first lockdown found potential partners to get to know on video calls, but things died down. 

Let’s face it; phones are distracting, and not moving through ‘bases’ can make things stagnant. There is only so much Facetime small talk that one can get through in a lifetime. 

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Fortunately, according to an intimacy educator, there are discreet ways to explore cyber sexuality. Start shifting your relationship phases by doing things like adding each other to your ‘close friends’ lists. 

You can also skip the small talk and gradually get more personal as long as both parties are comfortable. These easy and noninvasive steps can make a relationship feel like it is progressing at a steady pace. 

Too Soon To Move In Together

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Many people started dating while things were a lot less restricted last year and made great connections. Relationships bloomed and are now at their early phases but have been struck by the second wave. 

Unfortunately, moving in with someone is a bigger conversation than confirming feelings for each other. It also isn’t ideal to spend an uncertain time apart from a new flame, which is causing pain and confusion. 

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It may seem like a great idea to sex bubble while you are still in the honeymoon phase, but it’s not. Take into consideration how your partner lives and follows guidelines first before taking the cohabiting leap.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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