A Simple Guide To Determining If You’re In A One-Sided Relationship

We all desire healthy relationships. A sense of balance within your relationship is essential to your mental and emotional wellbeing. However, problems may arise when it seems like you’re the only one putting in the work in your relationship.

When effort seems to be one-sided, it can leave you feeling discouraged and unappreciated. Sometimes you may catch yourself wondering if your significant other truly cares for you. As a result, these negative emotions can cause harm to your mental and emotional health.

Giving much more than your partner in your relationship is never ideal. If you find yourself feeling this way frequently, chances are you are in a one-sided relationship. Use this guide to help identify if this is what you are experiencing.

Feeling Insecure In Your Relationship 

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Insecurity is bound to leave you doubtful in your relationship. At times, you may always find yourself wondering where you stand with your partner. To make matters worse, your partner may seem uninterested in discussing what the future may look like for you both.

Therefore, you might begin to compare yourself to others or fashioning yourself to be more suitable to your partner. This is draining, especially when you’re the only one making an effort to keep your relationship alive.

Making Excuses For Your Partner

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The all too familiar and awkward feeling of always explaining your partner’s actions to others is always a major red flag (hands up if you can relate). Being forced to make excuses or justify your partner’s behavior to your family and friends is not your responsibility.

When you find yourself in this position, chances are your friends and loved ones can identify negative traits in your partner you may be unable to see. It’s time to reevaluate your relationship if you constantly defend your partner’s reputation to keep your circle happy.

You’re Always The One Apologizing

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Stop! Before you utter another apology for something, you aren’t responsible for. Indeed, no one is perfect, and yes, at times, you may be the one at fault. However, being the only one having to apologize every time is concerning.

Walking on eggshells and giving endless apologies in order to avoid conflict with your partner does not enhance your experience in the relationship- it only makes matters worse. Avoidance will have you disregarding your feelings. To resolve disputes, effort from both parties is necessary.

You’re Always Initiating

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We’ve heard this countless times; the little things matter. Initiative from your partner is one way you can feel wanted in your relationship. However, when the effort only seems to be one-sided, this may make you feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

Making comparisons and wishing you and your partner had what others have in your relationship signifies a lack of effort from one partner. Attention, affection, and intimacy should come from both parties if you want to connect with your partner. 

Lack Of Communication

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Healthy relationships require the ability to freely express yourself comfortably despite the situation. To achieve this, communication is vital for you and your partner. This helps maintain a strong bond in your relationship.

Worrying about how to communicate simply because your partner hasn’t made an effort to let you understand their communication style makes it harder for you to open up. If communication is one-sided and your partner shares little to nothing, you might be up for a lot of tears.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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