Amp Up The Romance With The 10 Virtual Date Ideas

Don’t have to feel demotivated by the fact that you can’t be with your S.O right now. You may not be able to be together physically, but it could be a great time to deepen your connection and discover new ways of being together, apart.

You may feel like your relationship is taking some strain from being able to see your S.O. Fortunately, the internet can be the tool to bring you together in profound and unexpected ways.

Take the steps to allow distance to make the heart grow fonder. Here are ten virtual date ideas that you can have with your boo.

1.       Start A Recipe Exchange

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Create a shared Google Doc and compile your favorite recipes. As a date night, choose a recipe that you will both make in your respective kitchens. Great dates always start with food.

2.   Send Sexy Texts

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Always remember that the internet is permanent, but you can heat things up between the two of you with a sexy exchange.

3.   Netflix And Chill, But Apart

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Distance doesn’t have to keep you from watching your favorite movies and series with your S.O. There are apps available, like Syncplay, that will allow you to watch the same thing at the same time.

4.   Pillow Talk Date

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Get cozy in the evening and wear your PJs, then video call each other. You can have a casual, intimate conversation, or you can turn the heat up a notch. If you have an app-controlled sex toy that your partner can control, well, then let the games begin.   

5.   Just Have Drinks

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Grab a glass of your poison and just sit and chat. Enjoy the fact that you have this time that you can spend time together and get to know one another and deepen the bond.

6.   Mixology Game

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Find a cocktail recipe that the two of you can try. Though you may not be able to taste each others’ drinks, you’re going to have to be honest if your drink tastes trash. However, presentation will be a significant determining factor.  

7.   Play online games

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If you like a little friendly competition, there are tons of two-player games that you can play. From card games to puzzles or trivia. Some games like Scrabble or Words With Friends lets you play your turn whenever you want and keep the fun going on your own time.

8.   Send A Thoughtful Care Package

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Mail your boo thang a package of little thingies that let them know that you’re thinking about them. Surprise them with a boozy delivery from Winc or Drizly, then order the same bottles for yourself and schedule a zoom for two later. Whatever the package may have, make it personal and thoughtful.

9.   Be Each Others’ Gym Buddy

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You and your S.O can motivate each other to sweat and invite each other to be each others’ gym buddies from a distance. Download an app like Runkeeper or My Fitness Pal to track and share your respective running routes with photos.

10. Learn Something New

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You may have already decided to develop a new skill or picked up a new hobby during the lockdown. It could be worthwhile to learn something new with your boo. Sign up for an online class together like, learning a new language, cross-stitching, baking; the options are endless.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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