Ashley Biden Left Twitter Users In Awe Of Her Inauguration Night Tuxedo

The Inauguration 2021 has raged a massive storm in the fashion area. Many style bombs were dropped one after another, including Ashley Biden matching her dad in a Ralph Lauren tuxedo and a high ponytail. 

America’s change in leadership was quite the majestic affair of all sorts. Many people managed to steal the spotlight, some with their enthralling performances, and the others with their stunning style statements. 

The first daughter, Ashley Biden was also dressed to perfection, and her inauguration night tux has the Twitter-verse obsessed. Here is everything we know about her bold and chic tux look from the grandest of nights. 

Who Is Ashley Biden 

Ashley Biden is the daughter of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. She is a social worker, activist, philanthropist and fashion designer, and has also served as the executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice from 2014 till 2019. 

The first daughter has recently become the center of attention because of her father swearing in as the president. However, she likes to keep her life private, but is extremely close to her father and has always been very supportive of him. 

Ashley’s Tux Steals The Show 

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The 39-year-old Ashley donned a black Tuxedo with a loosened bow-tie at the inauguration night, which she paired with black pumps. She wore her hair into a high ponytail and had a black matching mask to complete her chic style. 

The first daughter’s black Ralph Lauren tux subtly matched with that of her father, Joe Biden. Mr. President also opted for a Ralph Lauren suit and coat for his swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, January 22. 

Twitter-verse Approves The Tux 

As if Ashley needed any approval from the Twitter users, many people were quick to share their reactions regarding the tux moment. A vast majority of tweets included fans going wild over the sophistical style goals set by the first daughter. 


tweeted one user, Chris Baker. 

Another fan shared her disappointment regarding people not talking enough about Ashley Biden’s tux. One user shared that she had wanted to wear a feminine tuxedo and she was going crazy over how amazing Ashley carried herself in that tux. 

More Twitter Reactions 

The Twitter users kept hailing Ashley over her elegant choice of outfit, with more reactions pouring in the entire time. One user greeted “good morning” to Ashley’s tux, and it was probably a hint at the salutations that were in order for the Star of the night. 

And just like that, the decades’ long dream of a Twitter user also came true, all thanks to the sleek and stylish Ralph Lauren outfit. Ashley made a bold but brilliant choice by opting for a tux, which rightfully deserved all the praise and attention. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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