Exploring The Embarrassing Things Worth Sharing With Your Partner

Feeling comfortable with your boyfriend is a non-negotiable and essential aspect of any healthy relationship. Why are you with him if you don’t feel like you can talk to him about absolutely anything?

Embarrassing truths are uncomfortable, and they are the last things we would like to share with anyone, especially our partner. After all, we all have some dirty little secrets, which we fiercely guard. 

However, if you plan to spend the rest of your life with your partner, then these things on this list are some of the truths you must share.

Your History Of Mental Health Issues

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If you’ve struggled with any form of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, or more, the thought of telling anyone might be uncomfortable and embarrassing. But it’s something you should share with your partner.

It is worthy to note that mental health issues are standard, and telling your significant other can take a weight off your shoulders. Even if you never experienced functional mental health problems with your partner, they can learn how to help you if it happens.


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There has been a lot of stigma surrounding sexually transmitted diseases, so it’s never easy to talk about them. However, there has to be full disclosure with your partner. They are everyday things to deal with, and it’s OK and healthy to discuss these.

We all should build every relationship on a foundation of honesty and transparency. Be sure to share your history of STDs with your partner before you have sex, which will help keep you both safe. It also allows you both to know how to stay healthy moving forward.

Your Dreams For The Future

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This is a critical discussion that you should bring up early on in a relationship. Irrespective of your dreams and goals, you shouldn’t have to be worried about being judged by your partner. It also helps your partner know how they fit into your future.

It’s essential to discuss happiness in terms of career goals and aspirations routinely. This way, both of you are always on the same page. You can plan together, and neither one of you is blindsided by career changes along the course of your relationship.

Your History Of Trauma

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Trauma can be a challenging topic to talk about. But, if you have experienced some dark or traumatizing situations in the past, you have to admit them no matter how embarrassing they could be.

The trauma could range from sexual assault to a previous abusive relationship. There is nothing to be ashamed of, seeing as you were the victim. Sharing this with your partner will build trust and intimacy and also prevent them from accidentally triggering you through their actions.

Your Debts And Money Issues

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Nobody likes to talk about money. And yet, keeping your debt or money issues a secret is not a good idea. Start sharing that info as soon as possible. No partner wants to live a life of debt they did not acquire. So, you have to try to be open as you move forward with your relationship.

Besides talking about debts, you should also talk about the things you feel you both should spend money on. How you both should save. Money issues had ended relationships when both partners were not on the same page.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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