‘Framing’: Exploring The Masturbation Technique That Uses Mindfulness

Self-pleasure is slowly becoming less of a taboo, especially for women, and that’s opened many doors. Masturbation is about to get more mindful than ever with a new technique that’s taking over. 

Masturbation wasn’t always a casual subject that you can bring up with friends at brunch on the weekends. This lack of conversation presented it as a shameful act, thus creating anxiety around it. 

Now that we are more open to the concept, it is time to take away the shame and change the experience. Enter framing, the masturbation technique that promotes mindfulness in self-pleasure which we explore below. 

What Is Mindful Masturbation? 


We hear the term mindfulness all the time, but many of us only link it to meditation and spirituality. Although you can practice mindfulness in the abovementioned situations, it isn’t only limited to that. 

Mindfulness is the art of being entirely present in your life and especially your physical body. This helps you connect with your needs and desires at a much deeper level because you completely listen to yourself. 


In relation to masturbation, mindfulness encourages being grounded in the physical experience of self-pleasure. It pushes us to remove our focus from orgasms to the act’s whole sensory experience. 

Consequently, mindful masturbation makes the act of sex less of a thought thing and more of a body thing. Although it may take longer to reach an orgasm, this way, it can broaden your horizons of pleasure. 

Mindful Masturbation Examples

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Mindful masturbation did not just appear out of nowhere; thankfully, it’s been around for years. This form of masturbation challenges our preconceived linear notions of sex and the purpose of engaging in it. 

As a result, mindful masturbation can be any self-pleasure technique that forces you to slow down and tune in. Once you remove the goal of getting a quick climax, you can engage in mindful masturbation. 

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Some mindful masturbation practices include using the other hand, trying something new, or simply slowing down. Changing the position and space you masturbate in is also a mindful practice; try standing in front of the mirror. 

Edging is also a mindful masturbation technique that has gained popularity over the years. This requires building themselves up to the point of near climax, then stopping to take a rest before going again. 

What Is Framing?

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Now that we are all clued up on what mindful masturbation is, it is time to explore framing. Framing is a mindful self-pleasure technique that encourages us to use our imaginations to reach a climax. 

This technique requires us to put down pornography to explore the places our minds can take us. To participate, you must tune into your mind and let go of your preconceived notions of what pleases us. 

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

Framing is the act of literally framing your orgasm by imagining a sexy scenario to get you going. While starting out, you can use tools like audio erotic stories or guided meditation to help you get fired up.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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