Relationship Advice: How To Become A Safe Space For Your Partner To Confide In

Women have always criticized men for not communicating and not communicating what they would like to talk about. A man convinced that his partner loves him and accepts him will be less suspicious will lower his guard and be less afraid of being judged.

The fact of feeling loved is an essential feeling for it to be revealed. But the question is, how do you manage to give him the confidence he needs? How do you make him feel understood?

You can’t always understand what your man is feeling, how he feels about your relationship, or what his real feelings are for you? You would like to understand it better and avoid the unspoken words and tensions created in the relationship.

Be The Woman He Is Looking For

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Making him want to confide is the key to making him feel understood, and becoming his confidante is not easy. You have to succeed in taking on the role of a friend, even in love. At first glance, a man likes a flirtatious woman, but he will want someone to talk frankly with in the long run.

A man wants to find a woman with whom he can confide, with whom he will feel closer and closer and will not have to play a role. A confidante, more than a lover, is a friend.

Build Trust


First, you should know that for a man to trust you, it takes time and patience. He needs to be sure that you love him and accept him with all his good and bad sides, basically just as he is and not the way you want him to be.

If you have particular romantic expectations, and you expect him to satisfy them no matter what, he may notice it and move away gradually. So you have to accept a man as he is, be receptive, and ready to listen to him at any time. Show him that you are there to listen to him and are interested in his person. Ask the right questions at the right time.

Be Candid Without Being Hurtful

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Most men like women who say what they think. So indeed they will feel right, that they will be able to communicate with them freely and directly.

A woman is more intriguing because she is not afraid to say what she thinks straightforwardly and funnily. Be careful, however, to differentiate between making constructive or assertive comments and throwing nasty spikes.

Make Him Recognize That He Needs To Be Accepted

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Men do not like to admit that they need to be understood. This is not enough manly feeling. But pay attention, and you will see. A man needs to talk about his work, especially when things are not going well in the office. It is a way for him to manage conflicts.

He wants to talk about an event that marked him to unload too strong emotions without failing. He likes to talk about his sexuality as well as his friends. He is looking for a natural ally to overcome all the trials that life has in store for everyone.

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A man who feels loved, understood, listened to will trust you more. You now have the keys in hand to conquer a man by giving him confidence in you. Also, know that in most cases, we quickly make an impression on the other.

So you have a little time to make a good impression. Do not be just a lover but also a true friend and become the woman of his life. You know the pitfalls to avoid so that your man does not close in on himself. Your emotional intelligence and your sense of reality will prove to be your best assets.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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