Steps To Take Before Meeting His Parents

Meeting with your boyfriend’s parents is always a little daunting. You may have been in your relationship for only a few weeks or perhaps many months or years.

Maybe you know something about them or very little. Whatever the circumstances, when it comes to meeting your boyfriend’s parents face-to-face for the first time, it’s always good to be prepared.

Being nervous is expected. Some prefer to postpone as long as possible, but everyone should meet the parents sooner than later if the relationship goes on. These are the secrets to making a good impression.

Be Yourself


It is useless to pose as a super chatterbox if you are temperamentally mild and shy, and vice versa. It’s okay to try hard to please, but you must first be yourself; otherwise, you will be annoyingly contrived. 

Be as casual as you would be in your home, be friendly, kind, not forcing anything. You will come out of it much more with dignity and giving a better impression of yourself.

Don’t Spend All The Time On Your Phone


You may be nervous and want immediate advice from a friend, but ticking on the phone in front of his parents can be seen as rude and unfriendly. Hold back! 

After all, if you still don’t feel like getting to know your in-laws, it is better to talk about it with your partner and postpone it rather than close yourself off with your smartphone.

Talk To His Parents About Yourselves


Sometimes you may feel embarrassed in front of your boyfriend’s family, and therefore you may think that talking about yourself would make you arrogant or presumptuous. 

Nothing more wrong! His family will be happy to get to know you better since that’s what you’re there for! Giving some information about your family is also a good idea.

Talk About Their Hobbies


The fact that you have made an effort to find out about them from your boyfriend always makes a good impression. If you find yourself in a moment of awkward silence with his mother, you can always ask her about that yoga class she has just started, you will make her feel flattered, and the conversation will proceed much faster. The trick is to score!

Dress To Impress


Choose your outfit carefully. Most initial meetups would probably be at your partner’s parents’ home or a restaurant. Make sure you plan what you will wear on any occasion and dress appropriately. You don’t want their initial reaction to being raised eyebrows and glances exchanged when you turn around in heels and the tiniest Sunday lunch miniskirt.

You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and out of place if you dress in jeans and sneakers and end up in a light-hearted restaurant. Choose clothing that is smart and comfortable and as harmless as possible. Remember that parents are unlikely to judge you based on your fashion sense, so there’s no need to go wild!

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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