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Story Of The Day: 5 Things I Have Learnt As An Introvert


May 31, 2021

As an introvert, I’d like to destigmatize what we’re often blamed for: being loners, socially awkward, and downright rude. Introversion has come a long way from the definition coined by Carl Jung, and it’s worth knowing the details. 

Growing up, I’ve come across numerous instances where people bluntly mocked me for being myself. While I could have tried to fake being extroverted or an ambivert, I didn’t want to put on a fake persona, portraying someone completely different.

Staying true to yourself is extremely important because that’s where all your power lies. No matter who you are, remember that your attributes make you stronger, and nobody can tell you otherwise. Scroll down to find my biggest takeaways as an introvert. 

Being There For Yourself Isn’t Selfish, It’s Self-Care 

The same way we support our loved ones, we can render that some love and care to ourselves too. It doesn’t make us selfish or mean, and there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself. 

If you’ve been told otherwise, please let go of such limiting beliefs. As someone who often negated herself to put people first, it took me a long while to realize that I matter, and there’s no way I’d ever give up on myself. You shouldn’t either!

It Is Okay To Find Comfort In Your Own Company 

I love being by myself. During my childhood days and even as an adult, I look forward to weekends and holidays to catch up on my favorite books, movies, and TV series and unwind from a busy work schedule. 

Being around yourself and learning to get comfortable in your skin can take time, but it’s worth the wait. I do enjoy spending time with family and friends, but prioritizing “me time” has been an exhilarating experience nonetheless. 

Saying NO To People Doesn’t Make You Self-Centered 

Introverts are not fond of talking so much. They prefer listening, observing, and understanding everything so that they can gain a better perspective. Ironically, they can find themselves in challenging situations where people can boss them around and compel them into doing things they’d prefer not to do. 

While it isn’t easy to break free from this vicious circle, it’s worth giving it a try. As someone who still struggles with refusing people, I’m slowly beginning to understand that saying “No” doesn’t make me rude, and sometimes it is necessary. 

There’s Nothing Wrong With Having A Few Friends 

Introverts are not fond of larger crowds. They are not socially awkward; they’re selectively social. They prefer meaningful conversations and deeper connections, which can only be formed in smaller groups. 

I love connecting with people and having new experiences, but my closest friends are only a handful, which has helped me steer clear of unnecessary drama and conflict the majority of the time. 

You Are Not Answerable To Anybody 


Regardless of whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, you don’t have to justify yourself. As long as you’re not purposely hurting anyone, you don’t have to hold yourself accountable for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Introverts are often subjected to difficult situations where people can make them feel self-conscious and self-centered. But as long as you’re entirely sure of yourself, nobody can make you think low of yourself. Never forget what you’re worth!