Story Of The Day: A Glimpse At My Most Disappointing First Date Experience

Apr 26, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Who has never been disappointed with a first date? When you meet a potential partner for the first time, you never know what you will encounter and often find yourself in front of annoying people who do not correspond to your ideals.


Whether it's irritating eating habits, embarrassing confessions, or unexpected differences of opinion, it doesn't matter. The only sure thing is that the first date turns into something disastrous.

Well, I believe I have had more than my fair share of the first date gone wrong. In retrospect, I now laugh whenever I think about those bad dates.

The Hotel And The Food

Photo by Rachel Park on Unsplash

Photo by Rachel Park on Unsplash

I had a man who kept asking me out on a date. One day, my friend was around, and he called. I told him I was sick and couldn't come, but my friend encouraged me, and we went together. The front desk told us he was expecting me and gave us the key to the room.


He was out, so we ordered food. While my friend was eating, he came back and asked me why I came with my friend. Next thing he started touching me, and I asked him to stop. He got furious, yanked my friend's food right out of her hand, and asked us to leave. This had me reeling as we scampered out of there!

The Sadist



I met a guy at a book club who told me on the first date that his ex-girlfriend had killed herself because he had left her. An excellent way to start a relationship, right? And as if that wasn't enough, he later started talking about politics and said he would like our country to be ruled by the terrorists.


Subsequently, he expressed his admiration for historical figures, like Mussolini or Henry VIII of England. He added that, of this English king, since he loved his second wife very much, he had chosen to kill her with a sword and not with an ax. I wouldn't say I liked this idea of love at all. We all know that there was no second date after this!

The Smoker

He comes to get me. In the car, there is an absurd smell of weed and the same on him. It seems that twenty of them have been smoked in a row.

At a certain point, we stop, drive a bit, then he lights up another one. Windows closed; I dare not ask to open them. I ended up getting high. He takes me home; I open the door and vomit there in front of him.

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