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The Evolution Of Rihanna's Bangs Over The Years


April 06, 2021

Rihanna has done it all with her hair. For years she has set trends that left inspired and contemplating drastic hair cuts and colors.

Who thought mullets would be in again, or that when Rihanna had her red hair phase years ago that it would be a moment? Without a doubt, the beauty entrepreneur and musician has given the masses much hair inspiration over the years. It sure makes a person excitedly curious about her coming venture, Fenty Hair.

While bangs are one of the most popular hair trends right now, the thirty-three-year-old mogul has dabbled in and out of the hairstyle for years; here's the best of Riri's bangs over the years.


Over fifteen years ago 2005, when Rihanna started making her mark as a singer, she rocked layered, straightened, small side bangs with her hair curled in a ponytail.


Rihanna went for a below-the-brow cut for a touch the jawline jet black bob she wore back in 2007. She had the same hairstyle at the 2007 MTV Awards.


Who could forget this Rihanna in this pixie back in 2008? Hands up, if this was the moment you seriously contemplated a pixie cut with bangs yourself.


In 2009, the "Badgal" made a drastic switch from the standard black and brown hair colors we'd been accustomed to seeing her with. She kept the blonde hair for a while before her next big transition.


Red hair Rihanna was another cultural moment for the books. Here she opted for fun, big curls, and some bangs to complete the look.


After giving us all the jolt of red hair inspiration, Rihanna returned to her blonde hair but kept the loose curly hair. At the 2012 Grammy Awards, she went for a wavy beach blonde look.


If someone's going to make cropped bangs look great, trust it's Rihanna. For "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the fashion and beauty entrepreneur cut her bang way above the brow for a casual, shaggy look.


Rihanna went for sleek with bare brow kissing bangs with a messy top bun for the premiere of the animation "Home" in 2015.


With more inspiration for your next hairstyle, the 2016 Billboard Music Award saw Rihanna arrive in a chin-length wavy bob with wispy, piecey bangs.



Rihanna arrived at the Met Gala in 2017 and took no prisoners. Looking pretty as a picture, Rih went for a sweet, flipped bang and bun look.


We're not leaving before we have a chat about the return of the mullet in 2021. While it may be a surprising return, Rihanna took the hairstyle and ran with it. There's just nothing she doesn't look good in!