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Unpacking The Reasons Why Many Feel 69 Is An Overrated Sex Position

On paper, the infamous 34 + 35 might sound like the pinnacle of all things good and glorious, culminating in a mutually climactic experience for both parties involved. Unfortunately, however, the party can be short-lived in practice. 

This is by no means a deterrent to trying out the adventurous position because intimacy is most fun when you have space to safely and freely explore some new things.

But if you have already dabbled in the double oral action, you might be privy to the fact that the position isn't all it's chalked up to be. 

Too Much Of A Good Thing 

Pizza is nice. Cake is nice. But chances are you don't typically have a bite of your cheesy beef pepperoni with a chunk of chocolate goodness still in your mouth.

There's pleasure in giving and in receiving, but to do at the same time, can be well, overwhelmingly unpleasurable for one or both.  

Splitting Your Focus

Because you and your partner are trying to get yours while giving, it can be challenging to split your focus between the two. 

For one, if your partner's mouth does indeed live up to all that was promised during the late-night saucy exchanges, you might find that it's a lot more testing to focus on giving your partner and an equally good time at the same time.

Dealing With Height Disparities

The heights between sexual partners rarely match up to make 69ing a comfortable position for both the person on top and the person on the bottom.

For the person on the bottom, your neck might be sitting in an awkwardly stretched position while trying to reach your partner's privates. It's not much better if you're on top, being straddled over someone's mouth while also trying to hold yourself in the position to reach their privates.

You're Not Having A Quickie 

You're not having a quickie unless, of course, you are. But for two people having sex, you most like to want to savor the moment. 

Part of the appeal of oral is the individual focus on or the other. If you have time to, you might find the experience far more enjoyable than rushing things in a 69.



Yes. Bums in your face. Admittedly, this isn't the biggest turn-off for many, but if butts in your face aren't so much your thing, it can be quite distracting to have in dangling above you while you try to concentrate on being an active participant in the ongoing 69.

But again, this may not be the case for everyone as people do like what they like, and there are no general rules. If you've tried and didn't enjoy it, you can try to make adjustments before throwing the whole position in the bin. In the same breath, it's okay not to enjoy it and to be aware of 69 simply not working for you.