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Your Workout Profile Based On Your Star Sign


December 31, 2020

Or star sign determines key characteristics of our personalities. Maybe if you look to your zodiac sign, you may find that your ideal workout profile is written in the stars.

Part of being able to stick to a workout routine is being able to find something that you enjoy doing. Wheter you want something highly competitve or all that sweat and energy isn't your vibe (I'm looking at you Libra) there's something out there for you.

We’re looking at the signs’ excuses to get out of exercising (all shade intended) and the ideal workouts for each of the signs, suited for their unique personality traits.


Seeing that the red orb, planet Mars rules your sign, your sign requires a workout to channel your anger and intense emotions. You also thrive on competition and, more importantly, triumph.

The perfect workout for you will be something like kickboxing, something where you’re “keeping score” or monitoring numbers like metric-based cycling.


If we’re keeping it one hundred, you’d much rather be enjoying your best and softest life than sweating it out with some hardcore cardio. Try to focus more on strengthening and toning exercises, especially in the waist and glutes areas.

Do some push-ups, press-ups, squats, and planks. You could also get into some weight lifting to build strength suggests Elle.


You’re very go go go, Gemini. What you need is a workout that matches your natural rapid pace. Something like yoga may not really be your thing.

Try out a spin class or pilates to keep you engaged in the activity without giving your mind the chance to wander like with a slow-paced yoga. But of course, the yoga variations are plenty, and you may very well enjoy a vinyasa flow.


The nurturing homebody of the zodiac signs, Cancer may benefit from a good home workout (since you do love being home so much). Additionally, this crustacean thrives when near water.

Try some variations of yoga and see which one suits you best. You might enjoy yoga because of its focus on the inside and the outside. You could also try something water-related.


Leo’s that sign that’s definitely rocking up to the class with the cutest mat and matchiest of matching activewear. You need something to channel your enthusiasm.

You might love a dance class. There are a bunch of dance-related workouts on Youtube that you check out. Or even something like Zumba. Just about anything that happens in a studio with a mirror might work for you, though.


The super pragmatic, overachiever of the zodiac signs, you want something scientifically proven or highly backed by research and facts to ensure maximum efficacy. Anything less is a waste of your time.

You might be into HIIT notes Coveteur, and in addition to your workout, you may want to pair it with a serious nutrient-rich meal plan, so mind your vitamins and minerals.


Peaceful Libra, while all that sweat and exercise might be a little ‘ew’ to you, there’s still a little something out there for you. Try something like Pilates or Barre.

"You'll benefit from strength training sections that focus on women's 'trouble' zones: hips, thighs, butt, abs, and arms, followed by stretch sections that help lengthen your muscles."

Says Katelyn DiGiorgio, director of training at Pure Barre to Shape.


The ever intense and mystic Scorpio (with an intense sex drive to match). You want something that ignites your deep passion and resonates with you on a spiritual level. 

What provides a better mind and soul connection than yoga? If you’re looking to turn up the heat, even hot yoga may work well for you. Also, something water-related will make you feel alive suggest Coveteur.


"You are the ultimate multi-tasker and athlete that possesses amazing stamina. But only if you are connected to your body, mind, and spirit."

Sharita Star, popular astrologer and numerologist, tells Shape.

You want something that can push your stamina and test your athleticism. You might be into long-distance running or a fusion class that incorporates different techniques.


Caps are known to no-nonsense and particularly disciplined. But you’re also ever the busy bee and love a sense of achievement. This includes your ideal exercise.


According to Elle Capricorns need something that will push them. Try a challenging class or push your stamina with a race.


The Aquarius is known to march to the beat of their own drum and not being afraid to stand alone. This being as it may, you may benefit from a team or group-related exercise.

"Competing as a team pushes people to work harder than they might otherwise have if they were working out alone. The team holds you accountable to work your hardest, but is also there to cheer you on and support you every step of the way."

says Dyan Tsiumis, head instructor at SWERVE.


The most sensitive of the zodiac signs. The good news is that this characteristic makes you the friend everyone wants to sweat it out with. 

Because Pisces is a water sign, they gain strength from it, so something water-related like swimming or aqua cycling might be something to dip your toe into, suggests Coveteur.