10 Cute Spring Date Ideas To Start Planning

Let your budding relationship bloom into full effect with these lovely spring date ideas that you can start thinking about already.

Covid may still be doing its thing, and that’s limited the activities we can safely enjoy. Let’s face it; it’s made dates a bit of a bore.

And now that we’re trudging (or gleefully skipping) our way to spring, you might be looking for inspiration for some spring date ideas. You’ve come to the right place! 

TikTok Inspired Date

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Play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who has to pick the other up for drinks. Then go have those drinks, and while you’re there, repeat the game to decide who chooses appetizers. Drive to the next location for said appetizers and repeat to determine dinner and dessert.

Go On A Bike Ride

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It’s spring! Be one with the great outdoors and partake in an outside activity where you can enjoy the fresh air and it’s not crowded or stuffy. Maybe you can explore the neighborhood or ride to the destination of your picnic. And on that note…

Have A Picnic

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Food, drinks, and great company on a perfect spring afternoon. What could be better? Oh, wait, a picnic plus an absolutely fire playlist to set the mood. The perfect musical notes will definitely hit the spot. Since we’re talking spots…

Connect Over Spotify

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Do you know that feeling of connecting with someone over a shared music taste? What a great feeling. If this isn’t a new partner and you’re already well acquainted with their taste, make a combined playlist of songs that’ll tickle both of your fancies. 

Watch A Comedy Special 

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Who doesn’t love a good tickle? Watch a comedy special that’ll have you both laughing out loud simply because laughs are fun!

Get Deep

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Pick a nice spot outside and write down your goals as two people who are together doing this life thing. Whether the relationship is new or you’ve been together for a while, putting some intention into a relationship can make for a clearer connection. Both of you are sure about where you stand, and things are headed. Or make a post-pandemic bucket list!


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Make cocktails from scratch or just buy a bottle of wine, sit and sip on adult juice over snacks from the charcuterie board that the two of you just made. Oh yes, you two just made a charcuterie board, and it looks completely Instagrammable.

Make A Charcuterie Board

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Surely, as a rule, every date should involve food, right? Whether it’s at the beginning or the end or even as the actual date. You can make a cute charcuterie then enjoy snacking on the fruits of your labor. 

Online Shopping 

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Set an amount and buy each other things that don’t exceed that amount and then be surprised when the delivery arrives. 

Take A Walk

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In my old neighborhood, there was this middle-aged couple that would take walks around the block at sunset, every day without fail. It’s kind of cheesy, but it’s also kind of cute because really, the whole point of a date is to spend time with someone and connect with them, and if it’s through a random stroll around the block, maybe it turns into a habit, and it just becomes your thing, together. It’s spring, anyway.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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