Pink ombré manicure | Source: Shutterstock
Pink ombré manicure | Source: Shutterstock

7 Beautiful Pink Ombré Nail Styles Anyone Can Try

Akbur Kassim Musitafu
Jan 03, 2023
01:10 P.M.
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Pink ombré nails are in season. There aren't many nail polish styles that have exceeded the reach of the french-tip. As seen in recent fashion shows, the french manicure technique is back and reinvented.


French manicures were a trendy choice that captured the hearts of most glamour girls in the '90s. Like all things fashion, the classic french tip has been through an evolution over the years and is now commonly presented as a faded stroke of pink called pink ombré.

The pink ombré manicure is best achieved on a longer nail, giving your nail technician more space to nail that seamlessly fading look. The long nail trend is also an influential factor across the board, so it is common to find lengthy nails in ombre manicures, and most styles, for that matter.

Woman's nails with peach and white almond French ombre manicure. | Source: Getty Images

Woman's nails with peach and white almond French ombre manicure. | Source: Getty Images


Bright Pink and White Ombré Nails

This is the right choice if you are going for a vivid look! The bright pink and white ombré nail style is among the boldest of all pink ombré manicures. The base of the nail is colored with an eye-catching pink, which fades to a lighter pink and then a solid white shade at the tip.

This style can be done with a softer shade of pink and isn't limited to any shape or length. You can do this on your own, as it is pretty simple to accomplish, and not to undermine that the results pop!


Cotton Candy Ombré Nails

This is a look for the multicolor enthusiast. The cotton candy ombré combines blue and pink to achieve an almost edible-looking finish. The base is generally colored with a light shade of blue and fades into a light shade of pink at the tip or vice versa.

Before adding the sumptuous candy colors, a base coat of white is essential to bring out the pop from the more pastel-shaded blue and pink. It is not entirely easy to achieve; however, it is possible with some practice and patience.


Mismatched Pink Ombré Nails

This is one of the more atypical styles among the ombré nails. Usually, all five nails take the same route starting with the same color at the base and ending with the same color at the tip. However, this unconventional pink ombré scraps that formality.

Some nails have pink on the base and fade into white, while others start with white at the bottom and fade into pink without disrupting the elegance of a pink ombré. Another exciting feature of this style is the pink glitter on selected nails.


Pearlescent Pink Ombré Nails

These are one of the classiest sets among the many pink ombré designs. Byrdie categorizes this elegant style in the realm of wedding nail art. The base is colored in a soft pink that fades effortlessly into a white square tip.

This look can be achieved with different shapes, not only the square tip. The result always looks like an off-white nail placed on a crimson fingertip.

Pearlescent Pink French Ombré manicure | Source: Getty Images

Pearlescent Pink French Ombré manicure | Source: Getty Images


Matte and Holographic Pink Ombré Nails

This manicure is a creative blend of two sought-after styles. The matte and holographic pink ombré blends multi-colored holographic paint and a pink ombre. People paint a few nails with the holograph and follow the standard pink ombré blueprint on the remainder.

Pictured below is a prime example of how to use this mash-up creatively. The individual chose to apply the pink ombré to all but their ring finger.


Matte Ombré Nails

Matte nails have a surprising way of being beautiful without the shine. The matt ombré nail set gives you a pastel pink at the base of the nail that seamlessly fades to the classic white French tip.

Like most pink ombré styles, the longer lengths allow more room to fade. The set below is simple yet elegant—and an excellent example of the evolution of the French manicure.


Purple to Pink Ombré Nails

Purple and pink are an excellent combination and, on some level, different accents of the same color. When the correct shades of purple and pink are chosen, you have a beautiful blend.

As you see below, a purple base of the nail with a white french tip is a great combination when you add a pink buffer to accentuate purple fading to white.

How to Achieve Pink Ombré Nails at Home

Here is a step-by-step guide to doing your own ombre set: The first step in achieving a perfect ombré is to free your nails of any impurities or nail polish. You want to have a clear nail to work with. To make the final product a work of art, you can shape the tip of your nail to suit the look you are going for.

Then you will need a disposable wedged sponge, the type you find in a makeup set, and your selection of nail polishes. White and the color of your choice are recommended for learning purposes. Paint your entire nail with the color that will appear at the base and let it dry—think of this as creating a canvas.


The next step is to color the sponge in a gradient, purposefully causing them to overlap slightly. Then place the sponge onto your nail, ensuring that the base color—pink in this example—connects with the bottom of the nail and the white connects with the tip. Repeat until you get the desired gradient.

Woman's nails with peach and white almond French ombre manicure. | Source: Getty Images

Woman's nails with peach and white almond French ombre manicure. | Source: Getty Images


Lastly, once you've established a satisfying gradient between your colors, you must touch up your work to achieve presentability. For this, you will need to protect your colors with a clear coat, which also helps attain the refined band new manicure look.

Take your time to clear up the mess around the nail. Doing this gives you a fresh-out-of-the-salon look, unlike an obvious DIY. Then leave your nails to dry, and voila, you've done a stunning pink ombré! Here is a breakdown of some of the finest DIY minimalist looks on Womanly Live.

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