Black French Tips. | Source: Shutterstock
Black French Tips. | Source: Shutterstock

Black French Tip Nail Design Ideas to Try For Your Next Manicure

Manuela Cardiga
Feb 25, 2023
01:00 P.M.
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The sophisticated, understated elegance of a French manicure is gaining a new lease on life and fashion straight from haute couture runways: the Black French Tip.


The classic French manicure is done by painting the tip of the nail white, leaving the rest a clear, natural skin tone. The French manicure was hot in the 70s, but that doesn't mean it's old-fashioned now.

The French manicure is busy reinventing itself with the help of nail stylists and celebrities, and the latest variation is the Black French Tip. The Black French Tip offers a variety of daring looks that are sure to please.

Black French tip manicure. | Source: Getty Images

Black French tip manicure. | Source: Getty Images

In the 2000s, the French manicure hit the doldrums and was relegated to the back of the wardrobe along with all those formerly fashionable trends no one wants to remember.

The acrylic square tips revived the French manicure and led to a revolution in style. From neon to primary colors, from short nails to long, the choices are endless, but only one maintains the minimalist sophistication of the original: the Black French Tip.


The Black French Tip manicure offers a world of possibilities, and each woman is free to adapt and invent their own unique variation.

From a simple switch up of the white tip to Black to a dramatic V-shape French manicure, the graphic waves, or monochromatic geometrics, there is a Black French Tip style for every woman who enjoys the subtlety of a whisper.


Double Mono French

The Double Mono French switches the tips to black but keeps the stark white as a delicate line that accentuates the gleam of the clear polish.


Black Outline French

The Black Outline French manicure takes the original further by outlining the whole nail with a thin black line, then applying black to the tips for a drawn-on look.


V or U Shape Smile Nails

For the bold with a flair for the dramatic, the V or U Shape Smile will draw attention to every gesture. The black nail polish is applied to the tip in a deep inverted V, leaving the rest of the nail clear.


Stiletto Black French Tips

There is nothing juvenile or demure about the Stiletto Black French Tips. Applied to enhance long pointy nails, it is the perfect look for a night out on the town as a seductive femme fatale.


Wavy Black French Tips

Change is organic, and so is the Wavy Black French Tip, transforming the classic symmetric French manicure with a touch of irreverence. The polish is applied to the tips and the side of the nail in a fluid irregular curve.


Almond French French Tips

For those who want to embrace innovation with a hint of restraint, the Almond French Tips may be a perfect choice. The black nail polish is applied in a gentle curve, accentuating the almond shape of the nail.


Black Swirls

Another variation to the classic French manicure is the Black Swirls. The nails are done in the time-honored French manicure tradition with the tips in white, then an artistic swirl of Black is added, giving it an edgy, daring touch.


Half Moon French

The Half Moon French manicure effectively turns it all upside down. The tips are soft-tinted shell pink, and the black polish is applied in a half-moon to the base of the nail; some stylists draw the black line up to the tip for a harmonious look.


Black Rainbows

Going black doesn't mean giving up color, as the Black Rainbows French manicure proves. The nail is painted in black, and the classic French tips are done in lines of colors reminiscent of a rainbow.

Black and White Graphics

The Black and White Graphics are an excellent choice for those who love having the world of comic strips and art at their fingertips. Different, clashing black-and-white graphic patterns are applied to the tips of the nails, giving each nail a unique design.


The French Line

The ultimate in understated, minimalist elegance has to be the French Line. The nail is glazed with a clear polish, then a fine line of Black is applied where the classical French tip would end.


Monochrome Split

For those who can't decide between black or white, up or down, the funky Monochrome Split is the way to go. The tips and the base of the nail are painted in black and white, a little like a jester's motley.

The Black French Tip manicure offers a world of possibilities, and each woman is free to adapt and invent their unique variation.

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