Pandemic Brain: How Late Stage Pandemic Is Taking Its Toll On Mental Health

Mar 11, 2021
09:10 P.M.
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If you've been noticing you've been feeling a little foggy and lacking focus, you're not alone. Many people are going through what's being referred to as "pandemic brain."


We've been through various phases of the pandemic. In the begining, it was unsettling and new. People were trying to figure out how to make life work on new, restricted terms. By now, we've done the faking productivity, picking up hobies, Zoom events and dates and, and, and.

But now we're in a later-stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, and, well, it's starting to take a toll on people in a different way. Many are experiencing burnout (again) and a general lack of focus right now, and if this is you, you're not alone.

'Pandemic Brain'

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash


The brain feels like it's losing its edge, you're forgetting some details of your day, and the point of your sentence is deserting you mid-way through.

"Pandemic brain" is happening. Accessing memories of pre pandemic life is becoming more of a challenge

“People feel like they’re not as sharp—there is a sense of being overwhelmed."

says Raquel Gur, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry, neurology, and radiology at the University of Pennsylvani to "Glamour"

Cause For Concern?

Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash

Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash


You may have wondered if this brain fogginess may be a cause for concern. Living a sedentary lifestyle can have adverse affect on our overall wellbeing.

Tina Franklin, a neuroscientist at Georgia Tech, suggests that our brain are simply forfronting important information while "forgetting" what we don't immeditely need.

"Based on everything we know about the brain, two of the things that are really good for it are physical activity and novelty. A thing that’s very bad for it is chronic and perpetual stress.”

Mike Yassa, a neuroscientist at UC Irvine tells "The Atlantic."

Handling 'Pandemic Brain'


Well, I know you probably tired of hearing these here solutions that seem to pop up for just about every bit of wellness advice, but, these are good for reducing your stress levels and keep mentally fit.

Go outside, get some exerise, engage is some meditation and try to find ways to manage your stress levels including new or old hobbies.

If none of these things seem to do anything to help improve your mood, you may want to consider a consulting a therapist.



Many people have taken to social media and have shown sign of the ubiquitious 'pandemic brain' in some all to relatable tweets.