Millie Bobby Brown Brings Back 90’s Vibes With Pigtails On Instagram

The nineties gave us style, chick flicks, Naomi Campbell and Tamagotchis, and recently we’re experiencing a significant return of 90’s fashion and style.

The nineties are undoubtedly making a significant style comeback. People are looking to the Princess Dianas, Winona Ryders, and Naomi Campbells. As for Millie Bobby Brown, her recent post is giving big Baby Spice energy.

No stranger to acting out of her era, “Stranger Things” (literally set in the 80s) actor Millie Bobby Brown just took us back to the days of Tamagotchis and Spice Girls. Ah, the good ol’ 90s.

Millie Bobby Brown

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In a recent post on Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown shared a selfie sitting in a car with a denim jacket. The actor styled her blonde into high pigtails and giving th hairstyler that extra 90’s energy by leaving out some hair in the front, framing her face.

Though the star thoroughly missed the nineties (born in 2004), it sure doesn’t exempt from one of our favorite eras to appropriate right now. And to those looking to appropriate Millie, appropriating the nineties, the style is hard to mess up.

All you need is a hairbrush and some pigtails. You could go a little further and add some cute butterfly clips and pins—Mucho 90s’ vibes.

Brown And The 90s

Brown is proving to be a fan of 90s style as this isn’t the first she dabbles in the era’s trendy hairstyles. However, it comes as no surprise seeing that 90s style, from sunglasses to jeans, is what’s hot right now.

Recently, Brown shared a mirror selfie on Instagram with her hair tied up with a scrunchie. She went for a middle part with the front of the hair and pinned the loose hairs into place.

Brown’s Hair

Since we first saw Brown in her role as Eleven with the buzz cut hairstyle, she’s had quite a handful of hair transitions. When her hair started to grow out, she embraced that often awkward, not-quite-short but not long enough to do anything with phase.

If anything, she gave tons of inspiration on making the awkward phase work and the different ways to take it from street style to red carpet. She also opted for accessories like pins and headbands to style her hair.

As her hair has grown even longer, the star has embraced a lot more versatility with her now fully-fledged blonde bob.

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Tumisang Mosito

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