Mushroom brown hair | Source: Shutterstock
Mushroom brown hair | Source: Shutterstock

Mushroom Blonde and Brown Hair Color Trend Ideas

Jana Stevens
May 09, 2023
03:00 P.M.
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The last few years saw the mushroom color trend popping up everywhere. The subtle fashion does not refer to the smell, shape, or conditions under which fungi grow but rather its ashy cool hues.


Mushroom hair is popular across social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, with millions of views on TikTok. With the Portobello mushroom being the inspiration, this is a savory twist on confectionary hair trends.

Another descriptive name for the trend is 'lived-in hair.' Like your favorite pair of jeans or bomber jacket, this is a low-maintenance tone, as it is a grow-out style that can be dressed up or down and evolve with you.

Portobello mushrooms. | Source: Getty Images

Portobello mushrooms. | Source: Getty Images

How to Get Mushroom Blonde or Mushroom Brown Hair

Though a style in its own right, mushroom hair is an excellent middle way for the brunette thinking about going lighter or a blonde looking to explore the dark side but does not want to commit fully.


This is also a good experiment for those curious about grey but who do not want to go full-on grandma. On the other side of the spectrum, this color scheme is ideal for hiding naturally grey strands in plain sight or covering them more sustainably.

The experts at a major French beauty company suggest that to achieve the earthy hues of this hybrid shade, one must avoid warm colors altogether.


Though adding a caramel lowlight or two for summer is tempting, the beauty of mushroom hair is that the cool tones will pop against one's skin as one's summer tan develops.

Celebrity hair colorist Joel Warren finds using mushrooms to describe the style instrumental, as there are many shades of beige and grey. He explains:

"These tones evolved from the grey and silver trend to a slightly more natural look. The combination of highlights and low lights gives a beautiful modern finish."


For mushroom brown hair, your colorist starts with ash brown for your overall color and delicately adds dark brown, blonde, and even lilac through low lights and highlights or balayage.

As with all color-treated hair, don't forget to update your hair care routine. You can extend and enhance the color using a specialized hair gloss available at leading drug stores.

Mushroom blonde has a similar process but begins with an ash-blonde base layered with dark undertones and the odd highlight. A sulpher-free shampoo and conditioner are recommended to keep the blonde locks from getting brassy.


Mushroom Blonde Variations Could Be Different

Within the spectrum of mushroom blonde, there are many subcategories for all hair types and lengths. For a dramatic take of toadstool tones, an icy mushroom blonde works well with long and short hair.


The blonde mushroom waves work with bob hair but are best for those who grew out their locks during the lockdown. Remember to use a heat treat protectant when using hot tools, which could lead to hair breakage and split ends.


Try the shaggy 'bronde' (a portmanteau of blonde and brunette) if you feel like something a little bit sportier. This will still look great if you miss a hair appointment as a grow-out style.


Different Mushroom Brown Hair Color Versions

Having face-trimming highlights added is an effortless style to pull off for a would-be-bottle-blond who is not ready to give up their dark tresses completely. This leads to another trend having a moment, Y2K.

Add dimension to dark brown virgin hair with soft mushroom shades with the balayage technique for a more refined and delicate finish.

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