Skip Going Out & Spoil Yourself With An At-home Spa Day This New Years

Put down the lists, plans, and resolutions for a moment this New Year, and just take a moment to slow things down. Breathe. And ease into things.

Every year, there’s the societal pressure to “do the most” to mark the incoming year. We get frantic about plans and what to do to make sure the beginning of our year is epic. How about this time around, we do things a little differently?

Take a moment to indulge and turn your space into your sanctuary. It’s a brand new year. Let that marinate while you treat yourself to life’s pleasures. We’ve got a few cheap ways to live your best soft life this New Years’, whether you’re alone or with a friend or partner.

Start With Setting The Mood

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You want your outer environment to be conducive to the intense relaxation that’s about to transpire. A great way is with some scented candles and some good music or even a podcast. Take a little moment to meditate.

Draw A Warm Bath Or A Relaxing Shower

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Use a little more foam bath than usual or whip out a special soap. Today is an occasion. Spend a little bit more time to take in the smells and the feeling of the water, the music (or the silence). Go ahead and even pour a warm or stiff drink.

Get A Manicure And A Pedicure

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If doing your nails is something you enjoy doing, then go ahead and get into it! Choose a color or a design that you especially like and go to town.


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But not just eat for the sake of not going hungry, eat something you’ll savor and enjoy. Truly spoil yourself with something nice.

Do Something For Future You

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Now you may not want want to hear this one, but if you haven’t done your laundry, or your closet is vomiting out your clothes, or your toiletries are in a muddle, there’s no better time than the present to do something for the future of you. You’re going to feel so proud of past you for taking care of you.

(It’s Your Party) You Can Cry If You Want To

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Just let it all go. Reflect on the year. Self-care should also involve some good inside work—Check-in with yourself. Crying is an excellent form of release and it’s okay to stop holding onto everything, especially after the past year, you may feel a bit better afterward. And when you’re done, smile. We made it!

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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