Healthy woman. | Source: Getty Images
Healthy woman. | Source: Getty Images

'That Girl' Aesthetic - What Is It & How to Maintain That Lifestyle

Manuela Cardiga
May 15, 2023
01:00 P.M.
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What does it take to be "That Girl," and what is it all about? A guide to self-care and wellness awareness to help you become your best self, living a healthier lifestyle.


The Internet has become obsessed with "That Girl," seeing and being "That Girl." But who exactly is "That Girl" that everyone wants to be, and what is so different about her life?

TikTok has gone wild over "That Girl" aesthetics, from putting together a nutritionally balanced oat bowl, pouring the perfect matcha latte, or picking that comfortable yet immaculately elegant outfit.

Woman on the beach. | Source: Getty Images

Woman on the beach. | Source: Getty Images

Social media is now promoting the "That Girl" aesthetic, and aesthetics is precisely what it's all about. "That Girl" looks a certain way, and so does her food. Her entire life is color-coded, coordinated, and organized.

The "That Girl" hashtag garnered over 1.4 billion views on TikTok, and it doesn't look like the trend is dying out anytime soon. And while there may be toxic overtones to being ruled by an aesthetic, there are some definite positives to the "That Girl" fad.


The focus of "That Girl" lifestyle is self-fulfillment and organizing life into a well-oiled, efficient machine that allows time for everything, including exercise, leisure, and fun.

Woman on her laptop. | Source: Getty Images

Woman on her laptop. | Source: Getty Images

What Is Known about 'That Girl' Aesthetic?

"That Girl" is powerful and organized, and every facet of her life is strictly under her control. Everything looks perfect, and there are aesthetic nuances to everything in her life, even how random projects are arranged on her desk.

"That Girl's" life is eminently photographable, and she looks like she is moving through a set designed to showcase her. "That Girl's" life seems almost unbearably perfect and unachievable. So what is the secret to becoming "That Girl"?


"That Girl" has her life running on rails. She has time for everything. The secret is a strict schedule for everything from exercise to dating to calling her mom.


"That Girl" never leaves home in the morning in a rush, with her hair scraped back into a scrunchy because she didn't have time to whip her hair into the perfect style. "That Girl" gets up at 5 a.m. and is fully makeup and band-box perfect when she walks out the door.

And by then, she had had a healthy, balanced nutritious home-made breakfast and enjoyed at least 20 minutes of exercise to get her blood pumping.

The demands of "That Girl" aesthetics can be draining and downright dangerous for those who tend to be compulsive. Some even consider "That Girl" aesthetics to be potentially toxic.


What makes the "That Girl" aesthetics so dangerously seductive is that it promotes all the right things: good nutrition, having enough exercise, taking time for yourself, and being mindful, all this while looking perfect.

And here is the problem. No one is perfect, and no one is "That Girl." We have 15-second snippets of the lives of women trying to be "That Girl."

But there are positive aspects of the "That Girl" trend a sensible woman can adopt to her advantage: improve her skincare, organize her life, find time for herself, be positive, exercise more, and eat healthily.

Woman looking in the mirror. | Source: Getty Images

Woman looking in the mirror. | Source: Getty Images

How Do You Create a 'That Girl' Look?


Skincare is the first step to achieving that "That Girl" look. Flawless and hydrated skin has a glow that perfectly complements the "That Girl" makeup aesthetic. The look to aim for is effortless—a tinted moisturizer for a fresh-faced finish, a lick of eyeliner to accentuate the eyelashes, and of course, the soap brows.

The organized "That Girl" never goes grocery shopping without a list, and she sticks to it.

The soap brows are eyebrows brushed up and out for a fluffy look, then set with soap— just an ordinary bar soap that acts as a setting agent, and the lips shimmer with a dash of lip oil. In addition, you need to pay attention to your style, opting for a minimalist and accessible look featuring staple pieces to create a versatile wardrobe.

Woman organizing her life. | Source: Getty Images

Woman organizing her life. | Source: Getty Images


Ways of Organizing Life

Even though no one wants a regimented, rigorous schedule, we can all use more structure in our lives. The "That Girl" trend can inspire us to be more organized.

Take a page out of "That Girl's" calendar and start making the most of your time by creating and adhering to routines, prioritizing your time, and decluttering and simplifying everything from your life to your wardrobe.

Pare down to basics, remove the unproductive expenditure of time (for example, scrolling through social media), and, most importantly, plan and be prepared. That is the "That Girl" motto.

Relaxed woman on the beach. | Source: Getty Images

Relaxed woman on the beach. | Source: Getty Images

'That Girl' Aesthetic: Find Time for Yourself


One excellent thing about the "That Girl" trend is its emphasis on finding time for oneself and prioritizing self-care. So what strategies do "That Girl" use to create that precious personal time? The first step is to announce the need: "I need time for myself."

The second statement is: "I deserve time for myself." Many women experience a sensation of guilt when they place their needs as a priority. "That Girl" knows she deserves that quality "me time" and places it at the top of her schedule. That can mean saying "NO" to friends and family and saying "YES" to yourself.

"That Girl" has a lunch date with herself, takes herself shopping, and treats herself to a spa day without a twinge of guilt or feeling the need to justify herself to the people in her life.

Relaxed woman at a window. | Source: Getty Images

Relaxed woman at a window. | Source: Getty Images


Learn to Keep a Positive Mindset

Another positive facet of the "That Girl" lifestyle is positivity. Positivity reigns supreme, and a can-do attitude takes the "That Girl" through a grueling work and leisure schedule. We can emulate the attitude without embracing the hectic lifestyle, reducing stress, and empowering ourselves by believing in ourselves.

At the core of positivity is empowering self-talk—instead of telling yourself, "I can't do it," tell yourself, "I WILL do it." Often the only thing standing between a woman and success is her lack of confidence.

As a bonus, positive thinking boosts the immune system, extends lifespans, reduces the probability of depression, and gives you greater inner strength during times of crisis.


Learn to Exercise Regularly

One of the fundamentals of the "That Girl" lifestyle is fitness, and that means exercise. Of course, we've all started exercising enthusiastically and with the best intentions, only to end up back in our sedentary lifestyles. So maybe the "That Girl" lifestyle holds the secret to exercising regularly and making it a permanent part of our daily routine.

The trick is to do something you like. Dr. Kristen Dieffenbac, a member of the faculty of West Virginia University's College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, revealed that it's all about motivation and enjoyment:

"Begin by really thinking about the things you enjoy—nature, group settings, playing sports, quiet time, or being challenged. Then look for activities that meet one or more of your criteria."

Woman making a salad. | Source: Getty Images

Woman making a salad. | Source: Getty Images


Create a Healthy Diet for Yourself

The first thing to do is to drop all those "diet" foods. Eating healthy is eating naturally and cooking for yourself as much as possible. The organized "That Girl" never goes grocery shopping without a list, and she sticks to it. That means you should eliminate impulse and unhealthy buys.

Simple changes in your eating habits, like buying whole grain instead of white bread, eating your vegetables first, and baking and grilling your food instead of frying, will make a big difference. Instead of popping your fruit into the liquidizer, try eating it and enjoy the texture and fiber that will do wonders for your digestive health.

Like exercise, the secret to keeping to a new way of eating is to enjoy it, so try new recipes and flavors. While the whole "That Girl" thing may not be for everyone, we can filter out quite a few tips for a generally healthier and happier lifestyle—beginning with making yourself a priority.

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